I'm Geoff Billing. I've liked taking pictures for years; in fact I've liked taking pictures ever since my parents gave me an instamatic camera when I was about 7. All I wanted to do after that was become a photographer. I studied it at high school, I studied it after high school and then I put my camera gear in a cupboard and forgot about it while I chased some other dreams.

Cue 2008. I moved from New Zealand to London and caught the travel bug. Photography and travel go hand in hand so I decided to get myself a DSLR and my passion was reignited, a decade after it had paused. I then spent the following years travelling with way too much camera equipment in tow and slowly honed my craft. I posted my favourite images to my travel photography blog  geoff shoots the world (still active, check it out!); I exhibited in galleries in London and have been published in leading travel magazines.

Fast-forward several years, several camera upgrades, lens and other gear purchases, lots of travel, lots of money spent, a heck of a lot of learning and a move back to New Zealand.

Now that my travelling has paused I am focused on images of my beautiful homeland, New Zealand and property and real estate photography at www.realtyview.co.nz