A Monk Crossing U Bein Bridge, Mandalay, Mayanmar

Crossing the U Bein Bridge | 150mm | 1/250th sec | f7.1 | ISO 100


A lone Monk is silhouetted by the setting sun as he crosses the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Years ago I saw a picture of a small group of monks (about 3 I think) silhouetted by either the setting or rising sun as the crossed the U Bein Bridge. I forget where the picture was, I have a feeling that it was either the winning image of a travel photography competition or it may have just been in a magazine.

Wherever (and for that matter whenever) I saw it it really inspired me to pick up my camera, it also made me really want to visit Myanmar and the U Bein Bridge and try for an image of it of my own.

So here is my image of a Monk silhouetted by the setting sun crossing the U Bein Bride.