Another Sunset at Muriwai

Gannets at Sunset. 18mm | 2x exposures @ 0.5 & 2.0 sec | f16 | ISO100


Behind the lens, waiting for the sun to sink lower.

Another trip to Muriwai, this time for another sunset from a different angle. I think I've mentioned before that Muriwai is one of my favourite places to take photos, as evidenced here and here.

While the conditions on the drive out were looking favourable for an epic sunset featuring a sky filled with moody red clouds the reality was a vast blue and rather uninteresting sky. So, as the sun was out and getting nice and low in the sky I fired of a few (and by few I mean hundreds) shots of the Gannets in flight (they've returned since my last visit). 

Then I pointed the camera down and went for this classic, slightly overdone, angle focusing on a Gannet colony. A polariser and 3 stop ND filter slowed the shutter down enough to get some nice movement in the water and a second exposure 2 stops below allowed me to keep the sky exposed.

Gannet in flight. 300mm | 1/1250th sec | f6.3 | ISO400

Gannet in flight part 2. 300mm | 1/1600th sec | f6.3 | ISO400

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