Auckland city skyline panorama

Auckland city panorama | 3 shot pano @ 100mm | 2 exposure blends of 8 and 30 secs | f9.0 | ISO100

Waiting for it to get darker

Waiting for it to get darker

This is another panorama I've wanted to capture for some time. However once again the weather and technical gods have let me down. 

I want a bit more colour in the sky, I'd foolishly hoped as I drove out to Bayswater that the clouds would part and some interesting colours would radiated from the set sun in the west. Although I guess the colds as they are are slightly more interesting than a completely clear sky. 

Secondly I must've not tightened off my tripod enough (it's new, I'm still getting used to it) so the camera, with a long lens attached, very slowly drooped, which has resulted in a slightly softer image than my gear is capable of. The fact that my lenses tripod collar was mounted backwards probably didn't help either.

The good thing about not getting it right the first time is you get to go back again. And if the Auckland skyline could expand to the right to give me a more balanced composition that'd be great.