Sunset at Muriwai.

Muriwai Sunset. 13mm | 2x exposures @ 1.0 & 4.0 sec | f16 | ISO100

Behind the lens.

Behind the lens.

Muriwai Beach (specifically the southern end) is fast becoming one of my favourite places to photograph. In fact I've posted photos from here before: "Muriwai Beach and Gannet Colony".

This image sat on my hard drive for a few months before I had a look at it. It was the result of having a rainy day off, looking out the window about 45 minutes before before sunset and think to myself; "heck, it might be a nice sunset tonight, perhaps I'll drive out to Muriwai".

With the rain having stopped and the clouds starting to split up I sped out to the beach with minutes to spare before the sun slid below the horizon. 

I set up my camera on the landing near the bottom of the steps and shot off a few bracketed frames. The final image is one exposure for the sea and rocks and another lower exposure for the sky.

I was happy with how things were looking on the LCD but I moved down to the rocks to try a few different angles, ultimately though I was happiest with my first composition.