Cornwallis Wharf

Cornwallis Wharf 1 | 30mm | 1.0sec | f16 | ISO100


Wow, it's been a super busy last few months and I've barely had time to get out and photograph for myself or even edit stuff I've photographed earlier in the year. These shots of Cornwallis Wharf were taken back in the beginning of August on the same day as the shots I posted nearly a month ago from the Donald McLean lookout.

The weather was changing very quickly that day, the sun would be shining one minute and then suddenly the rain would pour as if someone had flicked a switch. I'm guessing it was this volatile weather that let me have a wharf thats usually populated with fishermen completely to myself. 

Cornwallis Wharf 2 | 24mm | 1.6 sec | f16 | ISO100

Cornwallis Wharf 3 | 20mm | 2 exposure manual blend @ 4 & 8sec | f16 | ISO100