Karekare Beach at Dusk.

Karekare Beach at Dusk | 2 image panorama | 35mm | 2.5 sec | f9.0 | ISO100


I've had this shot in mind for a while but every time I've made the trip to Karekare Beach on Auckland's west coast for sunset either the right conditions haven't presented themselves or I've left my memory card in my computer at home....Yes that actually happened, I now have spare SD cards scattered throughout my  camera bags incase I do it again.

This is a two image panorama of Karekare Beach showing Panatahi island on the left and the sky just after the sun sank below the horizon.

I knew with all the water movement that it would be a difficult panorama to stitch together. As I don't have two identical camera and lens setups to take an image each at the same time I instead took dozens of shots in the hope that two of them would successfully line up. As luck would have it, two did, this was helped by the fact that the water was really wild and not coming in in perfect sets. Still, photoshop was unable to align the image automatically so I had to do it the old fashioned way, which I think has worked pretty well.