Longtail boat at dusk, Railay Beach, Thailand

Longtail boat at dusk | 45mm | 2 exposures @ 0.6 & 2.5 sec | f8.0 | ISO200


Coastal Thailand and its accompanying islands are full of Longtail boats, think of them as the took took of the seas. And since they are so common in Thailand images of them are a dime a dozen. But there is a reason for that, they're photographic little buggers and moor them in an even more photogenic Thai beach and you've got the makings of 90% of Thailand's postcards. Naturally I had to give a few shots of one or two boats a crack (I'm afraid there'll be plenty more pictures to come).

This one was taken a few minutes before my previously posted shot of Dusk at Railay Beach when the early dusk light gave the scene the appearance of being coloured with pastels.

It's a combination of two images shot from the same position, a slow 2.5 second shot to give some movement to the water and a faster 0.6 second shot to remove that same movement from the boat and keep it nice and sharp.