Mokoroa Falls

Mokoroa Falls | 25mm | 2 exposures @ 0.3 & 1.3sec | f13 | ISO100


These photos have laid hidden deep in the recess of my Lightroom library for over a year. I keep coming back to the fist shot never really sure if I liked it or not. The second shot I'd written off as the spray from the falls was so intense that every frame was covered in the tell tale halos of water drops on the lens. Finding myself with a spare bit of time I dived into photoshop with the clone tool at hand and cleaned up the water drops as best I could. The end result is fairly ok but I think these falls warrant a second trip.

Mokoroa Falls 2 | 10mm | 3 exposures @ 1/4, 1 & 4 secs | f16 | ISO100