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U Bein Bridge at Dusk | 35mm | 1/25th sec | f5.6 | ISO250


The U Bein Bridge just outside of Mandalay in Myanmar delivered quite a number of photo opportunities. We were supposed to be having a boat ride (much like the one in the first picture) so I didn't take my tripod (stupid!). However when we got there we discovered all boats were booked.

Lamenting the fact that I didn't have my tripod now that we were going to be on dry (and stable) ground I began to mope across the bridge, it was then that I realised this rickety old teak beast swayed about more than the boats below which would've rendered my tripod useless anyway, so I bumped my cameras ISO up and started snapping away. 

Someway across the bridge stairs lead to a small island where 50% of Mandalays tourist population would soon be congregated (the rest would've been up Mandalay hill) It was here we spent most of our time as the sun set and from where the photographs of the monks and the boat floating under the bridge were taken. A tripod would've been useful here but I have a feeling that if I had one I would've set my shutter speed as long as possible, therefore removing all the human elements and boat from the top picture which would've made it much less interesting.

Bicycle on U Bein Bridge | 24mm | 1/30th sec | f4 | ISO1000

Young monks on U Bein Bridge | 170mm | 1/320th sec | f6.3 | ISO200