Mt Ruapehu and Tongariro National Park.

Mt Ruapehu. 40mm | 2x exposures @ 1/25th & 1/6th sec | f16 | ISO100


The other weekend my wife and I took a wee road trip to Ohakune with some friends. While they spent their waking hours snowboarding I scoped out some locations for pictures with the idea of capturing a panorama of the central plateau for a print I want to make.

My one opportunity to capture the very early morning light was thwarted by truly miserable weather but luckily that came right by lunch time.

The below picture of Ngauruhoe and its reflection and the bottom panorama of Ruapehu were taken later that afternoon but as the sun was directly behind me it was not the best light. I've earmarked these locations (particularly the pond) for a future visit.

The top picture (whose bright idea was it to run power pylons on the pretty mountainy side of the road?) and the Plateau Pano was taken the following morning from the Desert Road. The power pylons were conveniently close enough for the panorama that I was able to walk under them to keep them out of shot. That panorama was what I had in mind and it will be at the printers soon.

Ngauruhoe Reflection. 33mm | 1/50th sec | f11 | ISO100

The Plateau Pano. 40mm | 4 shot pano | 2x exposures @ 1/15th & 1/60th sec | f11 | ISO100

Ruapehu Panorama. 13mm | 7 shot pano @ 1/160th sec | f8 | ISO100