Stormy skies over Auckland

Stormy skies over Auckland | 58mm | 1.0sec | f9.0 | ISO100  


Some months ago I was waiting for evening so I could get some twilight shots of Auckland's waterfront. Instead the heavens opened and drenched me and every other poor sod who happened to be out side that evening.

In dismay I looked at the sky and noticed it had a rather armageddonish quality to it so I fled as far as Westhaven marina in the hope of capturing said sky behind the city. Luck was on my side as not only did the dark clouds remain but the sun peeked through from the west, lighting the cities skyline. A rainbow also briefly appeared, which seems to end at the AIG building, raising several questions: are they hiding a pot of gold we should know about? and are they staffed by leprechauns? 

Either way, the sun and rainbow only lasted long enough for me to throw my tripod mounted camera at the ground and fire off a few shots before the sun hid behind clouds, the rainbow disappeared and the heavens once again opened.