Dusk at Railay Beach, Thailand

Dusk at Railay Beach | 105mm | 2.5 sec | f8.0 | ISO400


Railay is a peninsula near Krabi town in Thailand. The peninsula is comprised of two beaches, the mangrove covered East Railay which is where the ferries dock and the beautiful West Railay, which is where this photo was taken on our second to last night in Thailand.

I'd already taken several photos as the sun set from various spots on the beach (more of these at a later date) but this one was taken as my wife and I sat on a mat in front of a bar drinking cocktails.  Imagine my horror when my perfectly framed shot was ruined by a couple who decided to enjoy the unfolding scene from the waters edge (selfish jerks!). Then imagine my delight when I discovered that with a slight change in camera angle said couple became the perfect foreground interest.

Whomever you were, thank you for staying still in such photogenic poses for 2.5 seconds.