Waterfalls and sunsets at The Blue Mountains, Australia.

The Queens Cascades | 35mm | 1.6 sec | f11 | ISO100


A few days in Sydney visiting friends commenced (after some shopping of course) with a two hour drive into the blue mountains for a wee hike though the Valley of the Waters, which is a small section of the National Pass.

I imagine the Valley of the Waters got its name due to the numbers of waterfalls dotted about once you descend into the valley, all of which are quite photographic, the commanding views once you climb back to the top aren't too bad either. 

Empress Falls | 19mm | 8.0sec | f8.0 | ISO100

Look Up | 17mm | 1/30th sec | f8.0 | ISO100

The Path | 35mm | 1/100th sec | f7.1 | ISO200

Sunset at the Valley of the Waters | 16mm | 0.8sec | f8.0 | ISO100

Dusk over the Valley | 2 shot panorama | 16mm | 8.0sec | f8.0 | ISO200