The Metropolis Hotel, Auckland

The Metropolis Hotel | 24mm | 5.0sec | f5.6 | ISO200


I was out at dusk last night taking some shots of a few apartment buildings for my own personal library. I shoot a lot of apartments for real estate so having good images of the buildings to go with the apartments is important. However the time allotted to shoot the apartment may not (in fact usually is not) be the ideal time to take a picture of the building itself, it's also never usually at night. 

I've always thought the Metropolis to be one of the nicer looking buildings on the Auckland skyline, particularly when seen from this spot on Bowen Ave. Despite the fact it's a hotel some suites in here (as in most hotels) are privately owned and therefore bought and sold like any other real estate.

Anyway, despite the fact that this is just a photo of a building and not what I'd usually post here I quite like how it turned out so thought I'd share it.