The View From Hopetoun St Bridge

The View From Hopetoun St Bridge | 50mm | 8.0 sec | f9.0 | ISO100


It's hard to believe that I've lived a five minute walk from this spot since November and Thursday evening was the first time I've taken a shot from the Hopetoun St bridge. 

Unlike the Shelly Beach Road overpass that I'd shot from earlier that morning (and posted about here) the Hopetoun St bridge is a very solid structure and doesn't seem to move at all when cars, trucks and busses thunder over it.

Aside from getting in the way of people walking on the not particularly wide footpath I had a great time shooting dozens of shots playing with different compositions and light trails. These 2 images are my favourites from the session.

View from Hopetoun St Bridge portrait | 47mm | 10.0sec | f8.0 | ISO100