Throwback Thursday 06/11/14 - The Panic

The Panic. 300mm | 1/800th sec | f7.1 | ISO200

This photo was taken on the same day as last weeks lion shot. It was our second day on safari and late in the morning. We were unbelievably lucky enough to witness a pride of lions going on a rampage through a heard of wildebeest.

I remember taking this shot at the time, looking at the LCD after and being all excited that you could see the panicking wildebeest with the stalking lion in the background hiding behind a small bush. Back in camp few days later while I was editing images couldn't find the picture!

It wasn't until months later when I was going through the images again that I found it, the camouflaged lion had just been too hard to see, even on a computer screen. For those of you that are wondering, yes she did take one down, as you can see in the image below.

This was just one of eight lion kills we witnessed in the space of a few hours (though at the time it seemed like 5 minutes) a truly awe-inspiring and humbling, yet terrifying, experience. You can watch it on TV but nothing can prepare you for seeing the raw savagery of nature unfold right before your eyes. Every safari guide we talked to on our travels through Africa couldn't believe we'd been lucky enough to witness so much in one day.

The panic aftermath 300mm   | 1/1000th sec | f7.1 | ISO200 (heavily cropped)

The panic aftermath 300mm | 1/1000th sec | f7.1 | ISO200 (heavily cropped)

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