Throwback Thursday 11/12/14 - Village near Kekova, Turkey

Village near Kekova. 23mm | 1/50th sec | f8 | ISO100

Its been a while since I last posted, mainly due to the fact that my wife and I recently moved and we spent some time renovating the new place, which meant my gear was packed away in boxes for a good few weeks, we also had no internet for a while, which didn't help.

I'm not sure where this is exactly except that its somewhere near the sunken city ruins of Simena in Kekova, Turkey. It was taken back in 2010, which seems like an age ago now, on a trip we took to Turkey, which is still one of the best travelling experiences I've ever had.

I've posted it here as my wife keeps telling me it's one of her favourites. I've reedited it to get rid of the garish over saturation and contrast that I was guilty of in my early days using photoshop. Maybe I should pop it in one of my gallery pages to? 

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