Throwback Thursday 13/11/14 - The Operahuset

Operahuset 1. 50mm | 1/400th sec | f7.1 | ISO100

The Operahuset in Oslo Norway. This set was taken back in June 2012 and made the freshly pressed section of Wordpress when I originally posted it to my geoffshootstheworld blog, which was pretty cool. 

My main reason for going to Oslo at the time was the opportunity to see "The Scream" by Edvard Munch, one of my favourite paintings (Ok, 4 of my favourite paintings). A long long trip across Oslo early one morning revealed that the Munch museum was closed for two weeks due to a change in exhibition and the Oslo National gallery didn't have it's copy then (I hope) but was closed then anyhow. 

What nearly turned into a failed trip was quickly resurrected when I rounded a corner and saw this handsome fellow of a building on the waterfront. Oslo, you're all right. 

Operahuset 2. 17mm | 1/400th sec | f8 | ISO100

Operahuset 3. 17mm | 1/400th sec | f8 | ISO100

Operahuset 4. 17mm | 1/500th sec | f8 | ISO100

Operahuset 5. 17mm | 1/250th sec | f8 | ISO100