Throwback Thursday - The Devils Pool, Victoria Falls.

The Devils Pool | 95mm | 1/640th | f6.3 | ISO100


The Devils Pool is a small rock pool on the lip of Victoria Falls. During the dry season it is possible for people to have an adrenalin pumping dip on at the edge of one of the worlds largest waterfalls.

This mad looking chap is one of the guides standing right on the edge waiting for a group of tourists just out of frame (on this occasion my wife and a bunch of friends we were travelling with) to enter the pool. Presumably he is responsible for catching any one before they are swept over the falls and tumble to their death. Either that or he is there to take pictures, which is what he did of me shortly after I took his.

Devils Pool Photographer | 300mm | 1/800th | f6.3 | ISO100