Vivian Bay - Kawau Island

Vivian Bay Wharf at Dusk. 11mm | 2x exposures @ 1.6 & 6 sec | f16 | ISO100


Vivian Bay is a small beach on the North West of Kawau Island, a small island off the north eastern coast of Auckland which is dotted with baches (thats holiday homes to you non kiwis). It was at one of these baches on Vivian bay that my we stayed with friends of ours.

There are two wharves, one at each end of the bay, both of these proved to be very photogenic, the northern most particularly at sunset. The southern when some moody rain clouds rolled overhead.

Vivian Bay Wharf at Sunset. 11mm | 2x exposures @ 3.2 & 1/5 sec | f16 | ISO100

Vivian Bay Panorama. 7 image stitched panorama | 17mm | 1/160th sec | f8 | ISO100

Vivian Bay Wharf. 17mm | 1/80th sec | f8 | ISO100

Vivian Bay Wharf Panorama. 4 image stitched panorama | 23mm | 1/100th sec | f8 | ISO100