Westhaven Marina

Westhaven Marina at Dusk. 50mm | 6.0 sec | f16 | ISO100

Behind the lens

Behind the lens

It's amazing how much a small change in light can effect the final image, it's also amazing how quickly that change of light can occur. The two shots here were shot from the exact same spot only 20 minutes apart.

I was quite happy with the bottom image but decided to hang around until the lights on the bridge came on. Not only did the lights add a bit more interest but the drop in light allowed me to use a much longer shutter speed to smooth out the water and with the sun completely below the horizon the light levels were a lot more even. The clouds that so rudely encroached and disappointed me at the time have, I believe, added a bit of texture to the sky.


Westhaven Marina late in the afternoon. 50mm | 1/5 sec | f8 | ISO100